Selected discography
Artist CD Label Date Role
Gordon Sheard All Saints' Bay GSM002 2012 sole composer, producer/arranger, piano/keys/accordion
Gordon Sheard Crucible GSM001 2006 sole composer, producer/arranger, piano/keys/accordion, percussion
Colleen Allen Colleen Allen Timely Manor TM004 2006 piano, composition
Samba Squad Batuque Mighty Orso Music 2006 piano/accordion, co-composer, vocals
Rick Shadrach Lazar & Montuno Police Nomads Mighty Orso Music 2004 co-producer, compositions, piano/hammond organ
Eliana Cuevas Venturas EC 001 2004 producer, piano/hammond organ/Rhodes, percussion, compositions
Louise Pitre Songs My Mother Taught Me N/A 2004 piano, keyboards
Daniel Barnes Culmination ROM 07 2003 organ, Fender Rhodes electric piano
Rick Tait Through It All Sea Jam SJ 1009-2 2002 Fender Rhodes electric piano
Louise Pitre All My Life Has Led to This LML Music 2001 piano, keyboards
Yvette Tollar Cactus Flowers ROM 04 2000 keyboards, accordion, percussion
Gordon Sheard Piano Cove Solitudes CDG 170 2000 sole composer, arranger, piano
Samba Squad Samba Squad Mighty Orso ORSO100-2 2000 piano, percussion
Rick Shadrach Lazar & Montuno Police The Call Mighty Orso Music 1999 co-producer, compositions, piano/keyboards, percussion
Liona Boyd Christmas Dreams Moston Records 9513 1999 keyboards
Zappacosta Dark Sided Jewel White Feather/EMI 1999 piano
Gordon Sheard Stirred at the Martini Lounge Avalon SOLCD67 1998 sole composer, producer/arranger, piano/keys, percussion, programming
Os Sofisticados Romance of Rio Avalon SOLCD53 1998 sole composer, producer/arranger, piano/keys, vocals, percussion
Phil Dwyer Road Stories Radioland Jazz RACD 10013 1998 composition ("To a Tee")
Lorraine Segato Luminous City True North/Universal 1998 hammond organ/accordion
Brian Hughes One 2 One SHM CD 21432 1998 synthesizers, Hammond organ
Carol Welsman Inclined (Juno Nominee) Welcar/Justin Time JTR 8478-2 1997 co-producer, keyboards
Liz Tansey What I Want LTCD 1997-2 1997 piano/hammond organ/keyboards
Lorraine Rousseau & Robert Carlton It's a Mystery AR-1299CD 1996 keyboards, hammond organ
Manteca No Net Justin Time JTR 8456-2 1996 keyboards, compositions, vocals
Joan Kennedy A Dozen Red Roses Velvel 1996 piano, arrangement
Rick Shadrach Lazar & Montuno Police Touch Dark Light Music DL24004 1995 piano/keyboards/accordion, compositions, percussion
Rena Gaile Out On a Limb Rosedale Records 1995 piano/keyboards/hammond organ
Brian Hughes Straight to You SHM CD 13395 1995 synthesizers, Hammond organ, accordion
Vivienne Williams My Temptation Brunswick 1995 keyboards, programming
Stan Samole Childish Dreams Jazz Inspiration JIMD 9306 1994 keyboards
Lewis Manne and Wendy Watson Middle Age Spread ZAPMAS118 1994 piano/keys/hammond organ/accordion
Terry Kelly Divided Highway N/A 1993 keyboards
Another Life Pictures APL102 1993 piano/hammond organ/keyboards, bg vocals
Rita McNeil Once Upon a Christmas Lupins/Virgin Canada 1993 keyboards
Manteca Later Is Now! (Juno Nominee) Justin Time JTR 8438-2 1992 keyboards, compositions
Rafael Lima Arribadas Yu�ara Co. RL 500 n/d piano/keyboards/arrangements